Where the EXPO is located?

In IFEMA – Feria de Madrid (Pabellón 14). How to get there 

Date and Time?

Friday 26th and Saturday 27th april 2024, from 10h to 20h uninterruptedly.

Will I have to wait ia queue?

No, don’t worry because the operation of Runner´s Expo is very fluid. The average time to collect the bib number, the official shirt and the bag of the runner is about 15 minutes.

Can I attend Expodepor with a companion?

Yes, you can be accompanied.


  • Pick-up location: Runner´s Expo 2024 – IFEMA 

  • Dates:

    • Friday April 26 from 10am to 8pm

    • Saturday April 27 from 10am to 8pm

IMPORTANT All participants must pick up their race kit at Runner´s Expo at the established schedule. There will NOT be race day pick up.


In order to pick up your race bib it will be compulsory to present the following documentation (Either printed or digital):

       1. Official LOCATOR OF REGISTRATION or Bib Number pick up QR Code.

       2. ID, Passport or alternative identity document that includes a photograph of the holder.

If you have not received the Bib Number pick up QR Code BY APRIL 23, you can download the Official LOCATOR OF REGISTRATION by accessing your registration from the following link:

It is mandatory to have your registration confirmation with you to pick up your bib, either printed or the email on your phone as no race bibs will be delivered without proof of requested documentation.


Yes, the bib number of another participant can be collected by presenting the requested documentation of the registered participant *.


In order to pick up another participant´s race bib it will be compulsory to present the following documentation (Either printed or digital) of the registered participant:

       1. Official LOCATOR OF REGISTRATION or Bib Number pick up QR Code.

       2. ID, Passport or alternative identity document that includes a photograph of the holder.

It is mandatory to have the registration confirmation with you to pick up your bib, either printed or the email on your phone as no race bibs will be delivered without proof of requested documentation.


  •  It is recommended to attend the Runner´s Expo 2024 either on Friday morning or else on Saturday afternoon to avoid possible waiting times when accessing the pavilion, following IFEMA’s Capacity Rules  capacity regulations stipulated by IFEMA.

  • It is recommended to have photos or screenshots of the requested documentation on your mobile to speed up the collection process.


It’s a good quality of t-shirt?

Our main sponsor “adidas” offers participants a T-shirt with the most innovative and highest quality materials on the market.

Can I change my shirt size?

Yes, you can change the shirt size by editing your registration. Remember the deadline to edit your tshirt size is 12th March 2024.

Can I change my t-shirt size in Runner´s Expo?

NO. We are sorry, but we do not have such a large stock of sizes to ensure that all runners can change the size they have chosen. 

Can I change my t-shirt for one of Men’s / Women’s?

No. We are so sorry, but we do not admit gender changes in the t-shirt.

What is the 226ERS Fuel Bag?

Thanks to our official nutrition partner, 226ERS, all marathon and half-marathon participants will have their energy gels before the race.

What gels will the Fuel Bag contain?

The marathon distance fuel bag will contain 2 gels, and the half-marathon distance will have 1 gel.
The gel types and flavors will be:

• ISOTONIC GEL (in flavors of Lime, Watermelon, and Caffeine Cola)
• BIO ENERGY GEL 25gr (in flavors of Strawberry-Banana, Lemon Caffeine, Caffeine Cola)

When will the Fuel Bag be delivered?

At the Runner’s Expo on April 26th and 27th along with the bib, the t-shirt, and the runner’s bag.

Will there be gel stations along the route?

Yes, in addition to the Fuel Bag, the Marathon distance will have an additional 226ERS gel station at the kilometer 30 refreshment point.
The 226ERS gel model provided at this point will be:

• HIGH FRUCTOSE GEL 80gr (Strawberry, Banana, Caffeine Cola)

Can I buy more 226ERS gels?

We recommend trying out 226ERS gels during your training sessions to avoid surprises, and for that, 226ERS offers you a 20% discount using the code ROCKMADRID24 on the official website

Those registered at any of the three distances of the Zurich Rock ‘n’ Roll Running Series Madrid who wish, may use the Gear Check service completely free.

Where will it be located?
The Gear Check will be located in the Finish area, on Paseo de Recoletos.

All runners will receive a numbered sticker when picking up their bib number, which will match with their bib number. In addition, they will receive an Official Gear Check Bag, in which they must enter the personal items they want to keep. 
The sticker must be pasted in the gear check bag.

The gear Check service will be in operation from 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on April 28.

Each distance (Marathon, Half Marathon and 10K) will have a differentiated and marked Gear Check Areas, and the delivery of the Gear Check bags will take place in the area corresponding to their distance and taking into account the last number on your bib.

The Gear Check staff will collect only and exclusively the Official Gear Check Bags delivered by the organization and in NO CASE will other types of bags or travel suitcases, or objects outside the Official Bag, be accepted.

Can I change my registration information?

Yes, if you made a mistake when registering, you can change some of your information within the official “Change in Registration” deadline. Once the deadline has expired, no changes can be made.

You can make data changes from the REGISTRATION MANAGER.

What is the deadline of “Changes in Registration”?

Deadline is March 12th , 2024. All registered runners who want to make a change in the registration after the official deadline, must notify the organization that will study if the change is possible or not.

Can I change the distance?

Yes, as long as there are available places at the distance you wish to change and before the deadline for registration changes (March 12th, 2024).

You can make distance changes from the REGISTRATION MANAGER.

Do I have to pay to change to a longer distance?

Yes, you must pay the price difference between registration to the registration of the distance you want to change.

Do I have to pay to change at a shorter distance?

No, you will not have to pay anything but remember that no refunds are made for distance change.

Can I run another distance than the one I am registered in?

No, changes of distance after the official deadline must be authorized by the organization.

If any participant runs a distance that does not correspond to their bib number, will be disqualified.

Can I change the holder of my registration?

Yes, you can change the holder of your registration by paying the corresponding fee until March 19, 2024.

How much does it cost to change the holder of the registration?

  • The title changes incur a cost of 10 euros as a management fee for the initial registration holder. 
  • The new holder will need to pay the current registration fee.

Can I request a refund of the registration if I am injured?

Yes, you can request the return of 90% of your registration by presenting the medical certificate that prove your injury before March 31st, 2024.

To do this, write us an email to


What is the race day?

28th April 2024.

What time is the start?

Start Scheadule is as follows:

  • 10K: 8:00h
  • Marathon: 9:00h
  • Half Marathon: 9:00h

Where is the Start Line?

In the Paseo de la Castellana (Plaza del Doctor Marañón).

How can I get into the Start?

The best transportation option is public transport (Metro):

  • Line 7 y 10: Station: Gregorio Marañón
  • Line 5: Station: Rubén Darío

You can check all metro stations here

Check here the COURSES

The elevation gain of the route is as follows:

42K: 388+ / 409-
21K: 175+ / 196-
10K: 122+ / 143-

Where do I wear my bib number?

The bib number should be placed on the chest as indicated by the RFEA regulations (Royal Spanish Athletics Federation).

Do I have to activate my chip?

NO, the chip is already active.

You must not manipulate at any time the chip that is stuck on the back of your bib.

Medical information

At the back of your race number you will find a form to indicate some information related to your health.

The information will be used only and exclusively in case of emergency by the health services.

What are the times of the pacers?

42K: sub3h – 3:15h – 3:30h – 3:45h – 4:00h – 4:15h – 4:30h – 5:00h

21K: 1:30h – 1:40h – 1:50h – 2:00h 

10K:  40′ – 45′ – 50′ – 55´ – 60′

What corral do the pacers start from?

The pacers will start from the corresponding corral to their race time.

Do pacers make net time or official time?

Pacers always run at net time pace.

Is there a time limit to complete the race?

Yes, the time limits for each distance are:

  • Marathon: 6h
  • Half Marathon: 3h
  • 10K: 1:30h

If your pace it’s slower that the time limit and the race closing car overtakes you, you have two options:

  • Accelerate your pace.
  • Get into the vehicle that will transport you to the finish line.

How many refreshments will there be in the course?

You have all the information about the refreshments on the map corresponding to your distance in the Course section.

Will there be solid supplies on the course?

NO, due to the security protocols for the Covid-19, there will be no solid supplies on the course. There will only be solid supplies in the finish area.

Will there be isotonic drink?

Yes, you will find POWERADE in the following kilometric points:

  • Marathon: 5,5; 10; 15; 20,5; 23; 26; 30,5; 34; 38; 40,5 and Finish Line.
  • Half Marathon: 10 – 15 – FINISH LINE
  • 10k: FINISH LINE

Will there be energy gels?

Yes, there will be 226ers Energy Gels.

There will be portable toilets both in Start/Finish Line and in the course (at all refreshment points)

We will also have portable toilets for people with reduced mobility.

Where is the Finish Line located?

The Finish Line is on the Paseo de Recoletos (Between Plaza de Cibeles y Plaza de Colón).

Where can the spectators see the Finish Line?

The Finish Line is very long so you will have no problem to position yourself. 

Can my friends or family cross the finish line with me?

NO, the access of “Non Runners” to the Finish Line Security Zone is totally prohibited.

We ask for respect and understanding since we are thousands of runners and if we crossed with our friends/ family we would risk the security of the race.

Where can I meet with my friends and family?

Due Covid restrictions there will NOT be meeting points placed by the organization.

What time does the race end?

The race ends around 15:50h

Is the race broadcasted on TV?

Yes, you can watch the broadcast of the race on TV, online and through the Official APP.

Can you see the split times?

Yes, you can follow as many runners as you want with the Official APP,  see their times every 5 kilometers and estimate their position on the course.

You can download the APP for free:

Download it for Android

Download it for iOS


What data is engraved on the medal?

The name and surnames of the participantand the net time provided by the timing service.

How can I hire the medal engraving service?

You can hire the service in the registration process or at Expodepor for 5 euros.

You can also hire the same day of the race in the area of Medal Engraving for 10 euros.

I have hired the service, what do I have to do when I reach the goal?

  • If you have hired the service in the registration process, you will have a medal icon on your bib number. Show it in the Medal Engraving area.
  • If you have hired the service in Expodepor, you will have the symbol that we have given you in your bib number. Show it in the Medal Engraving area.

When are the results published?

The provisional results are published the same day of the race. After 15 days and the when the claim period ends, the final results will be published.

Where can I see them?

The first 48 hours after the race the results will be exclusively in the Official Race APP. After 48 hours they will be published also on the official website.

You can download the Official APP for free here:

I have a claim. How can I do it?

All classifications are the sole and exclusive competence of the Committee of the RFEA Judges, so any claim must be made in the established form at the official race results page before 8:00 pm of the Friday following the race.

The organization will communicate the decisions within a maximum period of 9 days, after which the classifications will be considered official.

The day of the race the awards will be given to the absolute Elite Men and Women winners.

The trophies by categories will be given, according to the provisions of the rules of the race, at the organization’s headquarters once the classifications are official.

The official certificates will be available online for download them at the results section of the website once the classifications are official.

Yes, you can buy photo packages in the registration process or after the race at SPORTOGRAF website.

Here Photos of 2024 edition.

All lost objects will be taken to the headquarters of the organization that will keep them for a period of 30 days.