Information about 226ERS gels in the race

What is the 226ERS Fuel Bag?

Thanks to our official nutrition partner, 226ERS, all marathon and half-marathon participants will have their energy gels before the race.

What gels will the Fuel Bag contain?

The marathon distance fuel bag will contain 2 gels, and the half-marathon distance will have 1 gel.
The gel types and flavors will be:

• ISOTONIC GEL (in flavors of Lime, Watermelon, and Caffeine Cola)
• BIO ENERGY GEL 25gr (in flavors of Strawberry-Banana, Lemon Caffeine, Caffeine Cola)

When will the Fuel Bag be delivered?

At the Runner’s Expo on April 26th and 27th along with the bib, the t-shirt, and the runner’s bag.

Will there be gel stations along the route?

Yes, in addition to the Fuel Bag, the Marathon distance will have an additional 226ERS gel station at the kilometer 30 refreshment point.
The 226ERS gel model provided at this point will be:

HIGH FRUCTOSE GEL 80gr (Strawberry, Banana, Caffeine Cola)

Can I buy more 226ERS gels?

We recommend trying out 226ERS gels during your training sessions to avoid surprises, and for that, 226ERS offers you a 20% discount using the code ROCKMADRID24 on the official website