In this edition of the EDP RNR Running Series Madrid, Maurten has innovated by creating the FUEL BAG, an energy bag for each runner. In addition, this bag includes a recommended and specific Energy Plan for each distance, 21km and 42km. In this way, all Marathon and Half Marathon runners will have their fuel before going out for a run.

The GEL100 will be the Official Hydrogel Sports Fuel. Only one energy gel with Hydrogel Technology. It encapsulates the carbohydrate and transfer it from the stomach to the intestine, avoiding stomach problems. The GEL100 contains 40g of which 25g are carbohydrates.

GEL100 doesn’t contain caffeine. It is vegan friendly, lactose free and gluten free. If you want the version with caffeine, GEL100 CAF100, you don’t hesitate to buy it at Expodepor, Stand Maurten or on their website

The Fuel Bag Marathon will contain 2 Maurten Gel100 Hydrogel + Nutritional Plan.

The Fuel Bag Half Marathon will contain 1 Maurten Gel100 Hydrogel + Nutritional Plan.